Girls Night In!

There is no better theme for a Girls-Night-In party besides “wine”… #amiright? We have collected a list of our favorite picks so that you can throw the best Girls-Night-In party ever!

Girls Night In Larger-01-01.jpg

To Serve-01

I have found that the best Girls Night In party food is a selection of elevated snack foods; easy to make & easy to eat. You want to be able to make your guests feel comfortable. The food shouldn’t be super fancy or complicated.

My go-to’s are:

  1. White Bean Artichoke Bruschetta
  2. Ultimate Cheese Plate
  3. Funfetti Cookies
  4. White Wine Spritzer

**All recipes were found on Pinterest… follow us here**

To Do-01

  • Choose an assortment of JKC Studio or Gratitude Cocktail wine glasses and let your friends pick their glass as they arrive!
  • Watch Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Play Cards Against Humanity

To Give-01

If you are a really dedicated host, you will give out party favors. This is totally optional! We think our JKC Studio wine bags make great favors. We offer 6 types!


To order any of our products, reach out to !



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