Best Bag Round Up

In our new Fall 2016 catalog, we have a new brand called ‘Hold Everything’! This brand consists of various products that “hold” things; such as storage totes, oil cloth bags, and a BUNCH of totes! We have so many different types of totes, that we decided to break it down for you and give you the scoop on each style!


Oil Cloth Bags Header-01.jpgYD126_SBDS97

Comes in two sizes! Small bags are a great size to hold makeup, pencils/pens, desk accessories (scissors, paper clips, tape, etc). Large bags are perfect for travel: hold your iPad, a book, hair brushes, etc.

Storage Totes Header-01.jpgYD114

Great solution to all types of storage! Place 3 on a shelf in your pantry. Put 1 on the side of the living room couch to hold magazines or blankets.  Toss 1 in the back of your car to keep a hold the kids’ sports supplies. Place a few on a bookcase to store books, magazines, school supplies or kids’ toys.

Canvas Tote Header-01.jpg


Ideal tote size! Perfect to hold your things when you are hopping from errand to errand! Could even double as a grocery tote!

Gold Tote Header-01.jpgYD108_SBDS099

Make a statement with this metallic gold tote! Stylish way to hold all of your belongings on days where your purse is just too small.

JKC Tassel Clutch Header-01.jpgCTC-2510D_SBDS078

Ideal for nights when you don’t want to carry a big purse! Toss your wallet and phone in this stylish clutch and you are out the door!

JKC Rope Handle Totes Header-01.jpgCTH-2530A_SBDS45

Great beach bag! Large enough to hold beach towels, toys, sunscreen, and all the rest. Nautical rope gives a beachy flair!

JKC Classic Tote Header-01.jpgCTOT-2570F_SBDS073

Big enough to carry a large load, but stylish enough to double as a purse for the day!

This week team SBDS will be at the Atlanta Summer Gift Show! If you are attending, come see our booth (Bldg 2, Floor 2, Booth 405)! 🙂




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