Clipboard System In Use!

We have been having a blast with the shipment of our new products! Last week we decided it would be fun to document all of the ways in which we use the clipboard system and share a few here!


First up, we love using the clipboard to hold our recipes! Whether we print out a fun recipe from Pinterest or rip a few pages out of a magazine, this clipboard keeps all of our recipes in one place! Then when we are ready to go to the grocery store, we un-clip the recipes, write our ingredients on the chalkboard and head to the store! Easy peasy!


We also use the clipboard system in our kids’ rooms. The single strip works well to hold everything from birthday cards & invitations to school projects. Plus we’ve found that kids love having the free reign to organize the system for themselves.


We also use the single strip system to keep a hold of all the coupons we need. I’m sure you, like us, are always getting new coupons in the mail. It seems like there are endless coupons and they end up all over the house! This way we have them all in one place, up off the counter space!



If you have any creative uses for the clipboard system, let us know in the comments. We would love to hear about them!

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