Be Charming!

This week we decided to highlight our jewelry brand, Kingdom, and give you a closer look at the top selling collection, Vintage Blessings™.

This collection is our range of saint medals in contemporary fashion forward designs. All of the jewelry have Swarovski crystals and mixed metals to complement any wardrobe. These pieces have proven to be very successful not just because of their intricate designs, but because of their versatility; these pieces can be worn dressed up or casually due to their comfortable light weight.

Here are a few of the top selling pieces in this line!


The St. Benedict Necklace on the pearl chain is our best seller!


We use mixed metals throughout most of our pieces. This is an example of a silver beaded ball chain necklace.


All items come on a backer card that details the saint, specific prayer for that saint, and the color of the Swarovski crystal.


This is our beaded bracelet design in gold. Each bracelet includes a Swarovski crystal and a word symbolizing the particular saint’s specialty.


This is our bangle bracelet design in gold. Again, the word symbolizes the saint’s helpful quality.


All products in this line include a linen bag making this a complete gift!

To view this entire collection, take a look at our website: !


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