Christmas Gift Guide – Newlyweds, Entertainers, & Spiritual

Alright, here it is… the final Christmas Gift Guide post of the season!  This week we are giving you gift ideas for a whole host of people in your life. First up the newlyweds! We’ve got the perfect gift to give the couple who is starting a home together. We also included The Entertainers in your life. You know who these people are… always the hostess! Last but not least, we have great gift ideas for the spiritual friends in your life. Because Christmas is about more than just gift giving right? Check it out below!

For the Newlyweds-01.jpg

Set of four fabric napkins tied with twine!

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For the Entertainers-01.jpg


Gratitude Cocktail Paper Cocktail Napkins- 3 ply, 20 napkins in a pack

Find this product here.

That’s All dessert plates – 6.25″ dia

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For the Spiritual-01.jpg

Vintage Blessings – St. Benedict Necklace – Pearl Chain

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