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Have your wrapped all of your Christmas gifts yet? Don’t worry, we have a bunch of fun, creative gift wrapping ideas on our Pinterest! Do you follow us? If not, follow us here. Be sure to check out our board “Wrap It Up!” to see all of our gift wrapping ideas!

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Christmas Gift Guide – Newlyweds, Entertainers, & Spiritual

Alright, here it is… the final Christmas Gift Guide post of the season! ¬†This week we are giving you gift ideas for a whole host of people in your life. First up the newlyweds! We’ve got the perfect gift to give the couple who is starting a home together. We also included The Entertainers in your life. You know who these people are… always the hostess! Last but not least, we have great gift ideas for the spiritual friends in your life. Because Christmas is about more than just gift giving right? Check it out below!

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Set of four fabric napkins tied with twine!

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Gratitude Cocktail Paper Cocktail Napkins- 3 ply, 20 napkins in a pack

Find this product here.

That’s All dessert plates – 6.25″ dia

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Vintage Blessings – St. Benedict Necklace – Pearl Chain

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Christmas Gift Guide – Moms, Travelers, Life of the Party

If you’ve been tuning in to our holiday gift guide, you know that we’ve already covered your friends and family. This week is dedicated to the moms in our lives–but we aren’t just thinking of the ones that raised us. We’ve tailored some gifts for friends that been like mothers to you by taking care of you and supporting your through life’s highs and lows. To celebrate the many hats that moms have to wear, we have you covered from the travelers to the lives of the party. Check it out!

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This clipboard system is revolutionary for moms! If you haven’t seen the other posts we did on these, scroll down, it won’t disappoint!


Kids require a lot of stuff and moms need to find cute ways to store it! Our storage totes are perfect for almost any storage use!

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You know who they are… these people know how to have fun! They would appreciate a funny wine glass or rocks glass! To see all of our glassware check out our site: !

For the Traveler-01.jpg

The traveler is always in need of some new gear! Our luggage tags are functional and make for a good laugh! Our gold totes are our favorite totes in our line. To see all of our totes, check out our site: !

Stay tuned for one more edition of our Christmas Gift Guide!

Do you want ideas of how to gift wrap this season? Check out our Pinterest board “Wrap it Up!“. We have tons of ideas to take your gift wrapping to the next level!

Cocktail Hour: Fig Bubbly

It is early fall! So it is officially the season for figs! We found the best fig cocktail recipe of all time on Pinterest. (Are you following us? If not, follow us here) Why is it the best?? Because it has to be the easiest recipe ever… ! Take a look below!


This is the perfect cocktail for our Gratitude Cocktail Wine Glasses. Take a look here!


Be Charming!

This week we decided to highlight our jewelry brand, Kingdom,¬†and give you a closer look at¬†the top selling collection,¬†Vintage Blessings‚ĄĘ.

This collection is our range of saint medals in contemporary fashion forward designs. All of the jewelry have Swarovski crystals and mixed metals to complement any wardrobe. These pieces have proven to be very successful not just because of their intricate designs, but because of their versatility; these pieces can be worn dressed up or casually due to their comfortable light weight.

Here are a few of the top selling pieces in this line!


The St. Benedict Necklace on the pearl chain is our best seller!


We use mixed metals throughout most of our pieces. This is an example of a silver beaded ball chain necklace.


All items come on a backer card that details the saint, specific prayer for that saint, and the color of the Swarovski crystal.


This is our beaded bracelet design in gold. Each bracelet includes a Swarovski crystal and a word symbolizing the particular saint’s specialty.


This is our bangle bracelet design in gold. Again, the word symbolizes the saint’s helpful quality.


All products in this line include a linen bag making this a complete gift!

To view this entire collection, take a look at our website: !


Behind the Scenes…

For the last several months, we have been hard at work designing the Spring 2017 new products! Last week we spent two full days shooting the photos for our Spring 2017 catalog. If you want to get a sneak peek at some of our new products, take a look below.


We had so much fun shooting our logo on several cakes! Guess what this shot is going to be used for !


Here’s a sneak peek of one of our favorite products this season!


A little peak into our prop stash! We always have loads of fresh flowers and gold accessories to play with in the shots.


You may have seen this shot on our Instagram! Are you following us? If not, follow us here.


New jewelry debuting in Spring 2017!


Shooting some new shots of our best selling Vintage Blessings line! 


Trying to fit all of the That’s All products into one shot!¬†

Clipboard System In Use!

We have been having a blast with the shipment of our new products! Last week we decided it would be fun to document all of the ways in which we use the clipboard system and share a few here!


First up, we love using the clipboard to hold our recipes! Whether we print out a fun recipe from Pinterest or rip a few pages out of a magazine, this clipboard keeps all of our recipes in one place! Then when we are ready to go to the grocery store, we un-clip the recipes, write our ingredients on the chalkboard and head to the store! Easy peasy!


We also use the clipboard system in our kids’ rooms. The single strip works well to hold everything from birthday cards & invitations to school projects. Plus we’ve found that kids love having¬†the free reign to organize the system for themselves.


We also use the single strip system to keep a hold of all the coupons we need. I’m sure you, like us, are always getting new coupons in the mail. It seems like there are endless coupons and they end up all over the house! This way we have them all in one place, up off the counter space!



If you have any creative uses for the clipboard system, let us know in the comments. We would love to hear about them!