Vino 1948

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If you have received our new Fall 2016 catalog, you have probably noticed that we have a new brand of products called “Vino 1948”!

We created this brand to provide a selection of wine accessories and cocktail accoutrements! Now you can shop from our array of JKC, Gratitude Cocktail, or That’s All wine glasses and make a statement in your retail store with some of our fabric cocktail napkins or wine charm sets.

We have included some of the products below, but as always to see the full collection you can check out our website.

We recently posted a video of how these napkins come packaged on Instagram. Don’t follow us? No worries, click here.

Atlanta Gift Show Updates!

We are back in the office after a week of selling products at the Atlanta Gift Show! We are so incredibly grateful for all of the love and support we received! Our sales were through the roof! You guys are awesome!

If you weren’t at the show, we have included a few photos of our booth! Take a look!


Our shadow box frames were such a fun way to display our new totes!

Side View


Our That’s All products stood next to our JKC line! These products can be found here.


Gratitude Cocktail featured some new products: tea towels and paper cocktail napkins! Check these out here.


Gold Tote Giveaway

Our gold giveaway totes were such a hit! (We actually sell a few SKUs of these bags too! Check them out here. Only $5 wholesale!)


Our new brand Hold Everything was super popular! Here is a view of our new crown pens and a storage tote holding some chalkboard clipboards!

As always, if you are interested in seeing more behind the scenes scoop, follow us on Instagram here. Also, if you haven’t already checked it out, our new website is LIVE! See it now: !


Fall 2016 Trends

It’s only June, and fall seems so far away, but our Fall 2016 catalog comes out this month!!! We know, this is the most exciting news since Drake dropped his new album. Rest assured, this is going to be a great part of Fall! Fall is, arguably, the best season of the year… Think about it…Fall is a time for sweaters, football, Ugg boots, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and the inevitable pumpkin patch Instagram pic. #PumpkinsonPumpkins. We love fall and we know you do too!

To ease you into the season, we are launching a bunch of new products. We have created two additional brands this season, each with tons of fun new gifts!! We can’t reveal any details yet, only a small sneak peek below, but stay tuned to find out the whole scoop.

Fall 2016 Trends Updated-01.jpg

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