Vino 1948

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If you have received our new Fall 2016 catalog, you have probably noticed that we have a new brand of products called “Vino 1948”!

We created this brand to provide a selection of wine accessories and cocktail accoutrements! Now you can shop from our array of JKC, Gratitude Cocktail, or That’s All wine glasses and make a statement in your retail store with some of our fabric cocktail napkins or wine charm sets.

We have included some of the products below, but as always to see the full collection you can check out our website.

We recently posted a video of how these napkins come packaged on Instagram. Don’t follow us? No worries, click here.

Girls Night In!

There is no better theme for a Girls-Night-In party besides “wine”… #amiright? We have collected a list of our favorite picks so that you can throw the best Girls-Night-In party ever!

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To Serve-01

I have found that the best Girls Night In party food is a selection of elevated snack foods; easy to make & easy to eat. You want to be able to make your guests feel comfortable. The food shouldn’t be super fancy or complicated.

My go-to’s are:

  1. White Bean Artichoke Bruschetta
  2. Ultimate Cheese Plate
  3. Funfetti Cookies
  4. White Wine Spritzer

**All recipes were found on Pinterest… follow us here**

To Do-01

  • Choose an assortment of JKC Studio or Gratitude Cocktail wine glasses and let your friends pick their glass as they arrive!
  • Watch Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Play Cards Against Humanity

To Give-01

If you are a really dedicated host, you will give out party favors. This is totally optional! We think our JKC Studio wine bags make great favors. We offer 6 types!


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Drink Up!

It is officially summer time! You know what that means! It’s time to relax, enjoy the weather, and celebrate by taste-testing new cocktails! We love creative cocktails… just go take a look at our Pinterest board!

This recipe is simple and refreshing! It only requires a few ingredients, which earns it extra points in our books ;).

Test it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Cocktail - Lemon Fizz-01

Try this cocktail in one of our JKC rocks glasses! For questions about ordering, contact us at .